Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How the left's boom of Obama will keep the right wing in power

It isn't just Obama the party faithful has decided to indict, on opinion blogs and articles that dominate every news site.  This has been the pattern of the press and the Democratic party's damage to itself, as those who find it fashionable lower the boom on their leadership so visibly and continuously, they provide the ammunition to lose elections.
Democratic party faithlessness will potentially lose 2012 election for Obama
 It was common during the Bush - Gore election for the left and the independents (although independents are more Republican than anything else) to repeat the mantra that there was so little difference in the candidates, it really didn't matter.  Many people didn't go to the polls in that presumed "the lesser of two evils" premise.  The result was a virtual dead heat of a contest, with the ultimate decision made by the Supreme Court.  But Al Gore had been favored far beyond the stats on the election results.  It's just that it was fashionable to utter those words of indictment, that he was either dull or too much the same as the politician he was running against, to make much difference in vote.

Barack Obama is decidedly different than the right-wing group he opposes.  Yet the nature of politics is compromise, especially at a time when he's damned if he does or he doesn't.  Besides that, the impulsivity of the American public, the need to have everything done right now regardless of complications, makes it difficult for any President to function.  Add to this a right wing mantra that proclaimed that Obama had to be made to fail in the Rush Limbaugh call to arms.  The Republican party faithful proceeded to help do just that.  But the worse thing of all was the Democrats falling in line, like Little Sir Echo in multiples, to do much the same thing, criticize everything frequently, that created a negative atmosphere that set up Democratic candidates to lose and lose their agenda as well.

The problem is the Democrats are far more faithless to their leadership than the Republicans.  Most of the latter sided with Bush long after the former President began to crumble in the polls.

The party of no isn't just the Republicans, it's the party of Democrats too.  The media pattern has been criticizing the President as sport, not as fact all the time.  How many newspapers, for example, carried detailed coverage of the President's declarations on the oil spill and how many sought the sensational instead, which was all the bad press they could find.

The liberals help lose the last election, and they are poised to do it again.  It's easy for commentators and reporters to write opinion pieces negative to the President's policies.  They simply create a herd and follow themselves, without examination of specifics if those don't agree with their readers and the popular stance at the time.  They too want their fixes right now.

The article boxes of citiizen sites and online media organizations receive constant opinion articles, virtually all of them politically negative and mostly reciting the obvious.  Few offer anything new, but it gives the average Joe a place to rant and feel important all at the same time.  These rants, however, clog airwaves and Internet digits to the extent that more and more people get only the most negative news.

Those who must consistently find fault with the leader of their party and progressive views, that need to be dampened a bit so the President can find the middle ground suitable to govern, will likely cause progressive ideas and agenda to fail in the next election.  It won't take the President's mistakes as much to create a possible upset in 2012 with a Republican win.  It will be the foolishness of Democrats instead, who for the sake of prating fashionable politics, help deliver up for sacrifice the lamb they wanted for peace.


Melinda Zolzer said...

I am so disheartened by the constant demonization by both sides. In recent months I have seen it creeping into places where I would never expect to find it. My response lately has been to just say to the "haters" that this is not the time or the place. I know it's cowardly not to try to engage them, but I can't seem to find a way past the willful ignorance (again, on both sides.)

Carol Forsloff said...

Absolutely true and getting worse